Oil Free Screw Air Compressor For Food Safe CM/G Series

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Oil-Free Screw Air Compressor For Food Safe CM/G Series

An oil-free air compressor for food safety uses a pre-lubricated material, such as Teflon, to cover its compression element instead of oil. Some oil-free compressors may also use water instead of oil for lubrication and cooling. These alternative materials protect the pump and allow the machine to run smoothly without needing oil-based or synthetic lubrication.

Strict manufacturing process: from raw materials to assembly, every component is strictly tested, and every operation is controlled. Ensure that each component is of excellent quality to ensure durability.

The whole machine ultra-quiet design: The entire machine’s ultra-quiet design, low-speed extensive capacity cooling system, and large cooler reduce air convection friction so that the cooling effect is excellent.

CM/G Series Air Compressor Parameters:

Model Work pressure FAD Power Noise Weight Cooling water quantity Dimension
Outlet Diameter
MPa Psi m³/min cfm kW HP dB(A) kg T/h mm mm
CM55G 2.0-3.0 290-435 6.3 222 55 75 70 1950 18 2750×1250×1480 DN32
CM55G 2.0-4.0 290-580 5.2 184 55 75 70 1950 18 2750×1250×1480 DN32
CM75G 2.0-4.0 290-580 6.3 222 75 100 70 1960 18 2750×1250×1480 DN32
CM110G 2.0-4.0 290-580 10.2 360 110 150 72 2630 24 3000×1350×1540 DN32
CM130GPV 2.0-3.0 290-435 5.4-13.5 128-455 55 75 75 3000 35 2500×2000×1550 DN32
75 100
CM150GPV 2.0-4.0 290-580 5.4-13.5 191-477 75 100 75 3100 35 2500×2000×1550 DN32
75 100
CM242GPV 2.0-4.0 290-580 9.6-24.0 339-847 110 150 75 3950 50 2760×2250×1670 DN40
132 180

CM/G Series Air Compressor Features:

The new model is 15%-20% more energy efficient than piston air compressors. After the piston ring and cylinder body wear, energy saving is 30%-40% more than the piston air compressor. Saving electricity for two years is equivalent to the cost of buying a machine.

Box design, no vibration, low noise, small volume.

Fewer consumables, low cost.

Environmental protection, oil-free design, ISO08573-1 oil-free certification.

Isothermal compression, low exhaust temperature, and low water content of compressed air.



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How To Maintain The Air Compressor?

Through proper maintenance and maintenance, a good air compressor will provide you with many years of quality use and service. Proper maintenance can be the difference between a compressor that lasts for years and one that stalls after a few months of use. In order to prolong the service life of air compressors, please follow the following suggestions to correctly maintain the top state of air compressors:

1. Always Drain Water From The Tank 

The receiving tank on the air compressor will collect water from the air it is compressing. If you live in a humid climate, the collection tank can build up moisture quickly. You should always ensure that the tank is drained after each use of the compressor. Make sure to release pressure from the tank before draining.

2. Clean Air Intakes

Causing your area compressor to work too hard is the biggest killer of most air compressors. Over time, the intake can get dirty, causing the air compressor to lose power. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the air inlet frequently to prolong the service life of the air compressor.

3. Replace The Air Filter As Needed

Dirty air filters on the compressor will cause too much pressure on the compressor and will almost always shorten its service life. So, always check the air filter and blow it out. Also, make sure to check and replace them at least every six months.

4. Other Types of Maintenance

The following are other types of maintenance you should perform regularly on your area compressor to keep it running in tip-top condition:

o Tighten all fasteners regularly
o Check water pipes regularly
o Test the safety shutdown system
o Clean fuel tank
o Change the compressor oil occasionally
o Change the separator element occasionally
o Clean the heat exchanger

Food Safe Air Compressor Application